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Pretty soon we’ll be popping champagne, ringing in the New Year. Can you believe it?! Come 2019, everything you know about wedding florals is going to change. Millennial Pink (though will always have a place in my heart) has seen its time. Next year, brides will be swapping out soft, pastel colors for bright, bold colors, adding in more succulents, and using flowers for more decor than you thought possible.

Keep reading for our wedding floral prediction for 2019.



This year you’ll see fewer pastels, and more vibrant reds, oranges, blues, and even purples. Over the last few years we’ve seen less and less attention being paid to flowers, but not this year; this year flowers are in, and they’re going to be HUGE.

Uppasana Mainali Photography
Ashley Paige Photography
Purple Tree Wedding Photography



Rustic, barn weddings used to be all the rave, but now, we’re going to see more couples choosing an industrial boho style wedding, and we are HERE FOR IT. The industrial boho theme is so elegant, and classy; the perfect combination of romance with a little bit of edginess.

Jimmy Chu Photography
Aaron Young Photography
Virgin Bunao Photography


You think you’ve seen it all due to the huge trend of floral decorated altars, but you haven’t seen what’s coming in 2019! I classify them as Floral Statements because this year is going to bring so much versatility to the area in more ways than you could even think of!  We’re going to see a lot of creativity with brides using floral arrangements outside of traditional table decorations and bouquets.

Upasana Mainali Photography
Rebecca Denton Photography
Greer Gattuso Photography


I am LIVING for geometrics around floral pieces! It’s such a fun way to upscale table decor or even add hanging decoration to your venue! It’s such a simple way to add so much more character to the theme behind your wedding!

Marc and Anna Photography
Lovestruck Photography
Sarah E Photography


I don’t know about you, but I’m here for it all in the upcoming year! Leave a comment what 2019 wedding floral trend you’re most excited to see!


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