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You’ve dreamed about your wedding for years and all you could think about was the perfect outdoor wedding.

Achieving the perfect outdoor wedding will take some work, maybe even a little more work than an indoor wedding. Especially if you live in a state like Minnesota.

Here in Minnesota we have the regular four seasons…but we also seem to have the EXTREME of those 4 seasons. Rain and more rain, heat and more heat, and of course the dreaded snow and MORE snow!

Thanks to our fabulous staff and contractors I have compiled a list of ideas, suggestions and tips on how to make sure your outdoor wedding is perfect…in any season.


When picking a venue make sure to have access to a power source for your ceremony and reception. The DJ will need this!

Check the physical location of the ceremony. What is behind you? Our photographers recommend having trees or other scenery so the bridal party isn’t up against the sky causing silotues.

Does the venue have a backup option if the weather should be too bad for an outdoor ceremony? Ask. If not, are you okay with what could be…snow? rain? etc?


Are the photographers okay if it rains? If you are having your ceremony outside make sure you find a photographer who will shoot in any weather…rain, snow or shine.


We can’t predict the weather but you can plan ahead. Here is a list of ideas that you could have at your wedding to make guests more comfortable during the ceremony and reception. Several of these ideas could also be the party favor!

Rain: Umbrellas

Sunshine: Sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas

Cold and/or Snow: blankets, hand warmers, fires (check with venue prior)

Heat: Bottle misters, Water bottles, Paper fans (turing the program into a fan), Parasols

Bugs: Insect Repellent

And, if the unpredictable weather does go crazy on your day…HAVE FUN with it! Here are a few of our ideas…

Rain: Rain boots and matching umbrellas

Snow: Furs, mittens, hot chocolate, scarves, fire

Hopefully this list was helpful or gave you some ideas to us.

We want to know…did you have an outside wedding? What ideas would you add to this list?

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