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Spring is (finally) here! Did you know that 21 percent of couples choose to have a spring wedding? It’s easy to understand why with the warm weather and beautiful floral blooms. Though, there can be some setbacks to planning a spring wedding, like the slight chance of snow (this is Minnesota, after all), here are some tips to have the best spring time wedding.

The Florals
There are so many types of flowers that are in-season come spring time. Peonies, lilacs and calla lily’s are a few types of flowers in full bloom during spring time. Who says you have to stick to traditional roses (unless that’s what you like, of course). Here are a couple flower arrangements that would be perfect for your spring time wedding.


The Weather
Did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck?! They say it symbolizes that your marriage will last. After all, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – so when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel (plus, umbrellas make for cute photo opps)!

The Color Scheme

Much like flowers, who says you have to stick to soft pastels? Spring is the perfect time to incorporate bright, fun colors into your wedding. From purples, to blues, to bright pinks, you can really get away with any color scheme this time of year. The weather of early spring can sometimes compliment grey, blush pinks, or moody blues while closer to summer days are often complimented well with bright, warm colors like purples, reds, yellows, oranges.

Embrace the spring season and all the beauty it has to offer! Take advantage of all the options that come with a spring time wedding, like the color schemes, food options, and flowers! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the biggest tip I can give for you is to have a backup option. Whether that be a tent, or an indoor area to go, spring weather can be unpredictable, but like I mentioned above, it can also be great for capturing beautiful photos!