Weddings are one of our favorite events to photograph. You and your guests are dressed up, happy, enjoying great food and music…it’s a celebration of two coming together in marriage and an amazing party! We know how hard you’ve worked to pull this day together and that’s why our two primary goals are to:

  1. Create beautiful wedding photography
  2. To ensure you and your spouse (soon to be) take in and enjoy the day

We can help you navigate your wedding day with ease & laughter while reducing the dreaded wedding day stress. High quality and low stress is what we do!

If you want to enjoy your wedding day (and your photographer) contact us today!


Package Highlights

  • Album included in every package
  • Digital files with print release in every package
  • Packages built around the event rather than by the hour
  • Easy online viewing/sharing
  • You pick your photographer!
    • Use the contact form to let us know when and where your wedding is. We’ll reply with who’s available and you pick! Click below to get to know our photo team.


Winter savings: 

Take $250 off Photo #1 or #2 for all weddings January – April

Package 2


  • Photo coverage from 3 hours before the ceremony through first hour of the dance
  • 2 photographers
  • 10x10 20-Page premium wedding album
  • Slideshow of wedding images (digital download after wedding)
  • Wedding images delivered via digital download
  • Engagement session with lead photographer
  • Guestbook made from engagement photos
  • Engagement photos delivered via digital download

Package 1


  • Photo coverage from 5 hours before the ceremony through first 2 hours of the dance
  • 2 photographers
  • 12x12 30-Page Signature Collection wedding album
  • Slideshow of wedding images (digital download after wedding)
  • Same-Day-Edit photo presentation at your reception
  • Wedding images delivered via digital download
  • Engagement session with lead photographer
  • Guesbook made from engagment photos
  • Engagement photos delivered via digital download

Package 3


  • Photo coverage for up to 8 hours
  • 2 photographers
  • 8x8 20-Page press printed wedding album
  • Slideshow of wedding images (digital download after wedding)
  • Wedding images delivered via digital download
  • Engagment session with lead photographer
  • Engagement photos delivered via digital download

Photo & Video Savings

Book Photo package #1 or #2 along with a Video package and save $250!

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A La Carte

  • Lead photographer coverage (4 hr min)


  • Second photographer coverage (4 hr min)


  • Wedding day images with print release


  • Guestbook w/engagement images


  • Wedding albums start at


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my photo album, slideshow, and other products?

Each photo package comes with various extras and add-ons. Once your online gallery is available you can designate which photos you’d like for products like your wall print and photo album. We recommend 2-3 images per page in an album so a 20 page album should have 40-60 photos selected. Once you have selected your images through the online gallery, simply email Studio Veil and we’ll get your wall print ordered and album designed. You will have the opportunity to proof the album before we order it.

How long until we see the final photos?

After the wedding, Studio Veil begins going through all the images and editing the best of the best. The final images will be posted online and you will receive an email with a link and instructions to view the photos and share with your family & friends.

How may I use the images w/print release?

A digital download will be made available to CLIENT after editing is complete. Studio Veil still maintains ownership of the images and all copyright laws are still in effect. However, Studio Veil grants printing rights to CLIENT for personal use. Images may not be published or used in any commercial manner without Studio Veil permission.

How do the engagement sessions work?

Our engagement sessions are 60-90 minutes in length and on location anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area. As often as possible, your engagement photographer will also be your wedding photographer. These sessions are a great opportunity for you, as a couple, to get to know how your photographer works and also for the photographer to learn how to get your natural personality to come out in the photos. Once editing is complete, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery as well as an email with a link to download the digital files.

Any hidden fees?

Studio Veil aims to make your wedding planning simpler. There are no hidden fees or extras you will be charged for later (unless you add services to your contract). The only things to keep in mind beyond the stated prices are sales tax for uncle Sam and gratuity should you decide to tip your vendors.

What about tipping?

As with any service industry, tipping is encouraged but certainly not required. Your wedding vendors are with you all day and help create life-long memories. One industry article explained it this way…”if you tip a server for bringing you a meal, why wouldn’t you tip the vendors bringing you the best day of your life…” Some people ask what a normal tip is. There’s no right or wrong answer. Some websites state specific amounts while others state percentages. The point isn’t the amount but rather the relationship between couple & photographer/videographer/DJ/photo booth attendant and that each couple feels like they WANT to show gratitude in that way by the end of the day.

What’s a good timeline for the wedding day?

When it comes to photography and your wedding day, we stress the importance of not rushing the photographer or yourselves. It’s difficult to produce high quality images when we’re constantly behind schedule and all the family/wedding party are just trying to “get to the reception”. Additionally, you don’t want memories of your wedding day to consist of being stressed out due to time! Please plan to allow 3 hours for wedding party & family portraits. If any of the photos are happening off-site, please keep travel times in mind as well. For ease of flow in the schedule, we HIGHLY recommend doing photos before the ceremony. If you are not wanting to see each other before the ceremony, please consider setting up a “first look” beforehand where you can still have that experience. Many couples find they like that better because they can actually take in the moment together rather than standing still and quiet for the next 30 minutes as they would in a wedding ceremony AND it keeps guests from having to wait 2-3 hours after the ceremony for the wedding party to arrive at the reception. It’s difficult to gather family and wedding party members after the ceremony to get pictures because everyone is ready for the party! A typical wedding day might look like this…
12:00 – Latest photo start time (couple photos, wedding party, family)
3:00 – Wedding Ceremony
3:30 – Receiving line
4:00 – Guests to the reception / Wedding party to a park or other location for more photos
4:45 – cocktail hour
5:30 – Wedding party arrival at reception / grand march
6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Toasts
7:30 – Cake
8:00 – Dance starts

How are photographers picked for my wedding?

At Studio Veil, we only take on photographers that fit a very narrow style and high standard so as to supply the best product possible for our clients. All images are edited by the same person to further ensure continuity across the company. With that said, photographers are placed by Studio Veil based on their availability and location of the wedding.

Why have a 2nd shooter and/or assistant?

Everyone has heard the phrase “two are better than one.” In photography, we at Studio Veil definitely subscribe to this philosophy. The obvious reason that having two photographers is beneficial is that we’re able to get multiple angles of coverage during the main events such as the ceremony, toasts, and dances. It also gives us an extra set of eyes to make sure everything is just right when it comes to posing during group photos. Another reason we love shooting with multiple photographers is that our creativity is so much better! Our photographers work off each others’ ideas and keep things fresh throughout your wedding day. The photo assistant is a position that is often under-valued. This person loads and carries equipment, perfects lighting in the ever-changing scenes we find ourselves in, serves as a personal attendant if veils need to be adjusted or messages need to be delivered, and so much more. Photo assistants allow our photographers to focus on photographing your wedding day…that’s why you hired us, right?

Wedding Video

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Photo Booth

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