Movie reels and video tapes have become obsolete. Over time, those pieces of film will degrade and you could lose your family home movies forever! Don’t wait; Studio Veil can transfer most video and photo formats to DVD and/or digital copy so that you can preserve those memories.

How it Works:

  • Gather all your home movie reels, video tapes, photos, and slides you want transferred.
  • Drop off at Studio Veil. We are inside the Timberland North V building at 7600 Boone Ave N in Brooklyn Park. You’ll want to park in front of the door marked “Southwest Entrance” as we are just inside that door.
  • We’ll go through the media with you, determining the details of your project. For example, are there two 1-hour tapes you want combined on the same DVD? Is there a chronological order you’d like the videos put onto a set of DVDs?
  • We work our magic and then give you a call/text/email to notify you they are ready for pickup, 2-4 weeks after your drop-off date. You will also be given the final total due at this time and payment is due upon pickup.

Why Studio Veil?

There are lots of discount video transfer services out there but many of them are online businesses. You have to MAIL your media to the company! While US Mail and UPS have great track records overall, do you really want to put your memories or important corporate records in a position where they can be lost or damaged in transit? With Studio Veil, your media stays local and is only passed hand-to-hand. Many of those online companies are also very inflexible…1 tape = 1 dvd regardless of length. If your tape is longer than 2 hours, the extra footage doesn’t even get transferred because the DVD stops after 2 hours! We work with you at the time of drop-off to ensure the final product is exactly what you want. We are conveniently located off Hwy 694 on Boone Avenue in Brooklyn Park, have a quick turn-around, competitive prices, and excellent service. Studio Veil has been in business since 2005 and grows every year because of how we take care of our clients.


Timberland North V Building
7600 Boone Ave N, Suite #18 | Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

(find the door marked “Southwest Entrance” as we are just inside that door)

Drop-Off / Pick-Up


To schedule, call 612-888-3646. If your appointment is after 6:00, please call the same number upon arrival as exterior doors of the building may be locked and we’ll need to let you in.


Includes transfer from VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, & miniDV tapes. Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage, either from a single 2-hour tape or from multiple shorter tapes. $19 / DVD

Includes transfer from 8mm & 16mm movie reels. Each DVD can hold two hours of video. Multiple reels may be combined on to a single DVD. $19 / DVD + $0.16 / foot of film

Size guide:
3″ reel – 50 feet
4″ reel – 100 feet
5″ reel – 200 feet
6″ reel – 300 feet
7″ reel – 400 feet

DVDs are a much more stable technology than frail video tape but sometimes you need a digital file! We can digitize your videos into the popular MP4 format so you can enjoy them on your computer, phone or tablet! Or even share on Facebook. For maximum security, add the digital copy on to your DVD conversion and save!

Conversion price per tape:
Stand-alone: $10 / hour of footage
Add-on with DVD conversion: $12 / DVD

Digital files delivered on jump drive or digital download

Converting home movies? Your kids, parents, and grandparents may want extra copies! Need extra copies of corporate videos for clients or mass copies for customers?

Additional Copies (after the initial transfer):
1-5: $10.00 each
6-10: $9.00 each
11-20: $8.00 each
21-30: $7.00 each
30+ contact for pricing

Give us all your slides to convert to digital JPG format in high resolution.

Loose Slides: $0.55 each
In Kodak Carousels: $0.45 each

$25 minimum applies for all slide orders. Volume discounts available. Pricing does not include editing/touchups. Additional cost if desired.

Give us all your photos, up to 8×10 in size to convert to digital JPG format in high resolution.

Standard scans: $0.40 each
Scan and color correction: $0.75 each

$25 minimum applies for all slide orders. Volume discounts available. Pricing does not include editing/touchups. Additional cost if desired.

Transfer includes both sides of the tape. Transfer is delivered in MP3 format via email once payment is made. $19 / cassette

Tape/film is very brittle and can easily rip or separate. Studio Veil can repair many cassette issues. If we are unable to repair it, there’s no charge! We can repair most video and audio cassettes. $20 / cassette

Benefits of DVD

  • Lasts longer than video tape
  • Takes less room the VHS
  • Still a current technology so you can watch them!

Benefits of Digital Copy

  • Lasts forever
  • Can be shared on mobile devices
  • Put it on Social Media