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I’m about to blow your mind… Are you ready for it? *insert Taylor Swift song here*
The average cost for a meal at a wedding is $68 per person. When you multiply that by 139 (the average number of guests), you’re looking at a total of $9,452, at least. Now, if you have a budget free wedding, then this price may seem like nothing. But for a large amount of engaged couples, who have a budget, this is a lot.

Which is why today, I’m here to give you tips on how you can cut costs on your reception menu (without leaving your guests hungry)! All it takes is a little creativity and smart food choices. Try to pick more casual food and serve it in an interesting way. Some examples may be a build your own pizza bar or a walking tacos bar. There are many low-cost food items that you can get creative with to best please your guests.

If you’re still in shock about the $68 average price per person (don’t worry, I am too) I have more tips for you on how to cut costs.
Not many people know this, but buffet meals aren’t really THAT much cheaper than plated meals. Yes, there is less serving staff to pay for, but the cost of food is going to increase since a larger, unpredictable amount of food needs to be readily available.

Some other tips to cutting costs on your reception menu are to use disposables; go for eco-friendly disposables over glass or china. The cost per unit is less and will require less bussing staff.
You can pass on appetizers; while they may be nice to have, if you’re really trying to cut as much cost as possible, skip the apps, or go for a cheaper option like a cheese platter, or my personal favorite, bread and olive oil (thank you, Italy).
Lastly, and I’ve talked about this before, but cut out the big cake. Go for a small, ceremonial cake for pictures and cake cutting, and go for a dessert bar for your guests! My personal favorite; a donut bar. Or go for a variety of cupcakes, cookies and brownies. Your guests will appreciate it no matter what.

And there you have it! These are a few tips I have for you when it comes to saving money on your reception menu! If you enjoyed, please share this article with someone you know who is planning their wedding!