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Narrowing down who to invite to your wedding can be tricky enough, now you have to think about plus ones! Today I’m here to give you some tips when it comes to wedding planning: plus one, or none?
Maybe you haven’t talked to your cousin in 3 years and have no idea if she’s in a relationship, or maybe your uncle just divorced from a 10-year marriage and the entire family doesn’t like his new “lady friend”.
We get it. Wedding planning is tough as it is, but to decide which of your guests deserve a plus one? Let’s get started.

So who should get a plus one?

Those who are married, engaged, or seriously committed.
A good rule of thumb to abide by is to look at your entire list; analyze who is married, engaged, living together, or has been dating for over a year.

All of those guests get a plus one.
Odds are, if your guests are serious enough to be married, engaged, living together, or have been together for over a year, they’re at the point where they are ready to meet you if they haven’t already.

Make sure your wedding party also gets a plus one.
This is a very courteous move that your wedding party will greatly appreciate. They have been by your side through the entire wedding process after all.
And they may decline, which is okay! Just remember to make the offer because they have given you a lot of time, love and energy, and have probably spent quite a bit of money on formalwear, transportation, a place to stay… Trust me when I say they deserve a plus one.

A guest who won’t know ANYONE.
Do you have a gal pal from elementary school that you’ve kept in touch with over the years? Maybe she knows you, your parents and your partner, but don’t know anyone else. Make sure you give her a plus-one or anyone who fits this description as you won’t be able to spend much one on one time with them on the wedding day.


So who doesn’t need a plus one?

Coworkers (unless they fall into a category from above)
There’s a couple of ways to go about this. Invite your entire team; that way no one feels left out. If you work with a large number of people, invite a smaller group of coworkers so they have each other to converse and hang out with, or invite a small handful of your closest coworkers, those you would spend time with outside of the office.
When it comes to inviting your boss, invite them if you have a friendly relationship, then give them a plus one. If you don’t have a close relationship with your boss, no stress in inviting them!

Single, mutual friends
If you have friends that are single and will know quite a few guests at your wedding, spare the plus one. They’ll be fine, they’ll have a good time regardless.

Guests that are casually dating
If you have guests who have been casually dating and haven’t been in a committed relationship, skip the plus ones, unless they fit in your budget.


Those are all the tips I have for you about who should and shouldn’t receive plus ones. Of course, you know your guests better than we do, so you get to make the final say, but hopefully, these tips will help you get a good idea!
If you have any advice for those dealing with plus ones, make sure to leave a comment!