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Your wedding day photography is arguably one of the most important details of your wedding. The photography is what you’re going to spend years looking back on, reminiscing the moment of; which is why finding the right photographer to capture your perfect day is so important. 

Tip #1: Don’t Rush

When it comes to photography and your wedding day, we stress the importance of not rushing the photographer or yourselves. It’s difficult to produce high quality images when we’re constantly behind schedule and all the family/wedding party are just trying to “get to the reception”. Additionally, you don’t want memories of your wedding day to consist of being stressed out due to time! Please plan to allow 3 hours for wedding party & family portraits. If any of the photos are happening off-site, please keep travel times in mind as well.

Tip #2: Engagement Session

We frequently see couples saying they already had their engagement photos done and don’t want to use the engagement session we offer. However, we highly recommend taking advantage of the session that’s already included in your package as it’s a great way to get to know your photographer and become comfortable with them before your wedding day! Even if you don’t use the photos for anything besides framing, getting to know your photographer before the wedding day will help calm your nerves and make capturing photos on your wedding day that much more enjoyable!

Tip #3: Pictures before Ceremony

We HIGHLY recommend doing photos before the ceremony. If you are not wanting to see each other before the ceremony, please consider setting up a “first look” beforehand where you can still have that experience. Many couples find they like that better because they can actually take in the moment together rather than standing still and quiet for the next 30 minutes as they would in a wedding ceremony AND it keeps guests from having to wait 2-3 hours after the ceremony for the wedding party to arrive at the reception. It’s difficult to gather family and wedding party members after the ceremony to get pictures because everyone is ready for the party!