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Your RSVP’s don’t have to be traditional this or that for food, check yes or no if you’re coming. You’re already spending the money on them and including return postage, why not take the opportunity to ask your guests questions, or for advice! They will enjoy giving you their answers, and you will enjoy reading them!

Marriage Advice – Ask your guests for their best piece of marriage advice. This will come in handy later on down the road, and you may get words of advice for situations you had never imagined you would stumble across! Make sure to leave a few lines for your guests to give detailed advice.

First Anniversary Date Ideas – Allow guests to give you ideas for your first anniversary! Keep them and look back when it gets closer to your one year mark and you’re in need of ideas.

Future Kid(s) Names – You may get some pretty unique ideas for this one… But who knows; you may end up loving some of them!

Favorite Family Recipe – Do you have family members that have phenomenal recipes that they won’t share with just anyone? Maybe since it’s your wedding they will feel generous and share with you. Compile all the recipes into a cookbook or recipe box and use for dinner ideas!

Song Requests – Allow guests to request a song that will actually get them out on the floor dancing! This will also make them feel special when their song gets played without having to request it from the DJ.


And you can always throw in a friendly reminder to send the RSVP back by saying something like the following:

If you don’t RSVP by a specific date, please bring a chair and a sandwich! 


If you don’t RSVP by a specific date, please find a seat at the kid’s table!