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I think we can all agree that wedding cake is delicious but much like wedding ceremonies… it’s been around a while. It’s 2019 now. We’re moving onto bigger and better things; Food Bars. Couples are choosing to serve food items different from what you traditionally see at a wedding, and everyone is loving it. Not only does it allow the couple to share some of their favorite food, but also offers for a lot more variety for their guests too.

Here are just a few food bar trends you’ll be seeing in 2019.


Pie Bar
Swap out traditional wedding cake for pie! Offer your guests multiple flavors to choose from – I mean, who doesn’t love pie?!

Cluney Photo


Pretzel Bar 
Who doesn’t love good ol’ soft, doughy pretzels?! Love is all you knead… Pun intended.

Colette Kulig Photography


Pickle Bar 
You’re either going to love it, or hate it. Personally, I love it.

Justin & Marty Photography

Coffee Bar
SIP SIP… HOORAY! Serve an espresso or coffee bar and get your guests caffeinated enough to dance the night away at your wedding.

Casey Hendrickson Photography


Milk and Cookie Bar 
Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies with white milk, or peanut butter cookies with chocolate milk, you can’t go wrong here!

Lydia Out Loud


Food bars are such a fun way to serve your wedding guests!
I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more food bars than just the ones listed here… If you’re having a food bar at your wedding I am currently accepting invitations 😉

Comment below the food bar from this article you’re most excited to see! Feel free to let us know if you want to see more food bars!