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It’s no secret that weddings can cost a lot of money. Especially once you start adding in all the extras for decorating and details. Now, unless you just won the Powerball, we are all looking for ways to cut down on costs. There are some things you don’t want to cut the cost on like your photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. but there are things you can cut down on by doing DIY projects. Enter the DIY Dollar Store Centerpiece. It looks great but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Holly and I decided to get to work and create a beautiful DIY centerpiece that could be used for both showers, engagement parties, and wedding receptions. The basic centerpiece can even be “dressed up” for a fancier feel.

Step 1: Head over to your local Dollar Store and start shopping! Before shopping, know your color scheme. The Dollar Store may be limited on color and flower options. You can shop at other stores like JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels, just know your cost will go up.

Step 2: Purchase the follow items from the Dollar Store:

  • Candle Stick Holders (1 per centerpiece)
  • Package of foam balls (3 per package- 1 needed per centerpiece)
  • Flowers (2-3 bunches per centerpiece. Depending on size. We used bout 12 flower heads per centerpiece)
  • Ribbon (if hanging)
  • Goo Gone (to remove labels)
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond (Purchased here on Amazon)

Step 3: Prep yours items to make for a quicker process. Remove the labels from the bottom of the candle stick holders. Peel them off first then use Goo Gone if necessary. Remove the flower buds. You will not use the steams.

Step 4: Apply the craft bond glue to the bottom of the flower.

Then immediately press into the foam ball.

Once it is in place do not remove it or it will not stick properly. (Yes, we did learn from our mistakes…haha)

Step 5: Continue to repeat this step until most of the foam ball is covered. *Note: if you are hanging your flower balls the entire thing will need to be covered.

In this photo you can see how far apart the flowers are. This spacing will depend on what type of flowers you are using. Fluff the flowers are you go to have proper spacing. This empty spot is where the ball will sit on the holder. When you are at this point you are done with the centerpieces! Place it on the candle stick holder!

If you want to hang it, finish covering the whole ball. Using a sewing pin attach the ribbon in between flowers.

And if you want to add a little bling, because who doesn’t love bling, you can purchase some jewels here, and glue those into the centers of the flowers.

And there you have it. DIY Dollar Store Centerpieces that are under $6 each.

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