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Congratulations! You’re a bridesmaid! Being a bridesmaid can be a huge task, but is tons of fun! Get excited because these are all the crazy stages you’re about to go through. 😉

  1. Getting asked
    You probably knew this question was coming… Your BFF just got engaged, and now she just asked you to be a bridesmaid! *eek!*
  2. Finding the dress
    You’ll be spending hours and weekends going from shop to shop trying to find the perfect dresses! From the color to fabric, to style of dress, you’re basically working part-time now! Oh, and when you finally find the dress, you’ll have to start shopping for shoes and accessories…
  3. 1-800 Bridesmaid
    Being a bridesmaid, you’ve basically signed up for phone calls whenever; when things aren’t going as planned, when she’s stressed out or frustrated, or even at 3am when she has a brilliant new idea that she wants your opinion on.
  4. Realizing the cost
    Being a bridesmaid comes with a price; from wedding planning outings, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, even the day of the wedding… nothing about this responsibility comes free.
  5. Party time!!!
    Remember all that stress from planning and preparing?? Let it all go because it’s time to PARTYYYY!
  6. The big day
    *whew* we’re getting close! Just one more day making sure everything is perfect for your bride-to-be.
  7. Dress Duty
    Never… ending… layers… This isn’t a one man job here…
  8. Nothing but face aches
    SAY CHEESE! You won’t be doing much but smiling today! Whether it’s for pictures, because you’re so happy for your BFF, or you’re having the time of your life on the dance floor, prepare for those smile aches.
  9. The feeling when it’s all over…
    *cue a big sigh of relief* the day is over, and you were the best bridesmaids your BFF could have asked for!!