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The time has (finally) come! You’ve been planning for this day for so long, you want it to be perfect! So do we! That’s why we are here today to give you tips on X things to remember when standing at the altar.

You’re probably thinking “DUH!” but really, you’re walking down the aisle in front of all your friends and family, to the person you’re about to marry; it’s probably going to be nerve wracking! Just remember to breathe and relax.

Thank whoever is giving you away
You asked this person to give you away because you have a special connection with them, don’t forget to thank them! Give them a quick hug and whisper something special to them. They’ll greatly appreciate it.

Again, you’re probably thinking “DUH!” but really, it can be award to smile when you’re listening to someone else talk, but all eyes are on you when you’re standing at the altar, so don’t forget to smile!

Use tissues
I don’t know about you, but when my day comes, I’ll probably be a wreck; I’m an emotional person, what can I say?! Thank goodness someone invented waterproof mascara, but you’d rather be safe than sorry, so keep a couple tissues on hand to wipe away those tears (you know, if you’re overemotional like me).

Use good posture
You may not have thought of this (you’re welcome), but if you’re standing at the altar with poor posture, that’s going to show in your pictures forever. Stand up nice and tall! Maybe try practicing this a few weeks before the wedding too.

Speak loud and clear
Don’t mumble! Speak loud and clear! You want your guests and especially your partner to be able to understand what you’re saying, and if you have a videographer capturing your wedding, it’s especially important to speak loud and clear.

Remember why you’re marrying this person
This may be the most important of all. Nothing is more important than this right here; it’s the whole reason why you’re standing at the altar in the first place.


We didn’t want to make this list too terribly long because you’ll probably have a hundred other things running through your mind, we don’t want to add too much more to it. Hopefully these tips will help you on your wedding day. Best of luck and congratulations!