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We hope that a few weeks after your big day, your wedding is all you’re still thinking about! We hope you’re still enjoying that rush of being newlyweds, starting your lives together as one, and enjoying every moment to the fullest.

But, eventually, time will pass and you’ll be left with unsigned thank you notes, wedding decor scattered everywhere, and you’re not going to have any idea where to start – which is why we’re here to help!


  1. Send out your thank you notes 
    It’s important to do this sooner rather than later, but don’t make it your first priority the second you leave your wedding night. Your friends and family have traveled near and far to celebrate your wedding day with you, make sure you take the time to show them your appreciation by sending them a thank you note!
  2. Order your wedding album/prints
    Yes, you’ll have posted your wedding pictures to Facebook and Instagram for the world to see, but eventually, you’re going to want hard copies to look back on later. Don’t forget to make copies of pictures or create a wedding album with your images – especially if it’s included in the photography package you’ve already paid for (P.S. Our photography packages do)!
  3. Review your vendors 
    This is super duper important! Your vendors want to know how they did, if you were happy with the services they provided, and it helps their business grow! Take a few minutes to leave each vendor a review on Facebook and Google. It won’t go unappreciated, and it’s not just going to help their business grow, but it helps other couples searching for vendors too!
  4. Return or exchange any unwanted wedding gifts
    It’s going to happen; you’re going to get duplicate gifts or gifts you didn’t register for… Make sure you take those gifts back to the store and exchange them for items you want!
    This would also be the perfect opportunity to pick up anything you didn’t get, but still want! Maybe it’s the missing piece to a set, or there were items on your registry that no one gifted to you. This is the perfect time to grab those!
  5. Do something with your wedding decor
    You put in so much time and energy into making and finding the perfect wedding decor… Now what are you supposed to do with it? There are quite a few options when it comes to getting rid of wedding decor. Do you know of anyone who recently got engaged? See if they would like it! Are you a part of any Facebook groups? Try selling them online. Maybe you’re having a garage sale; see if anyone picks them up. Donating them is always a good idea too!
  6. Legally change your name 
    Changing your name online is the easiest to do, but to do it legally, that’s what is most important. You’re going to want to make sure that you take the time to put together what you’ll need (like your birth certificate, drivers license, passport and social security card) and start checking them off one by one. Don’t wait too long for this as it can create headaches down the road!


These are 6 of the most important things to do after your wedding! Like we mentioned before, don’t stress about getting these done the day after your wedding! Allow yourself time to unwind, live in the moment, and just enjoy being a newlywed! Then start tackling the important things!

Did we miss anything on this list? Let us know!