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Your bachelorette party should be one to remember! Regardless if you’re having a destination bachelorette party, or it’s just one day in town with your besties, you want it to go as smooth as possible! The best part? Your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be like what you see in the movies… You can do whatever you want! Spa Day? Sure! Night out on the town? Sure! Craft party? Sure! Whatever you want, you’re the bride. 😉

Today we are here to answer some of your most pounding questions about bachelorette parties.

Do I have to invite those I don’t want to?
Short answer, no. Your bachelorette party is supposed to be smaller, more intimate, limited to those in your bridal party. Maybe use the bridal shower as an open invitation for those who may not feel comfortable at a bachelorette party or whom you don’t want to invite. Make sure to tell your party planner of this decision, but your bachelorette party is all about what you want and who you want to spend it with!

What about my mother-in-law and future mother-in-law?
This depends on the type of relationship you have with these moms. Some are super close with their mothers and couldn’t imagine their party without them, while others would rather it be with just friends. Again, it’s completely up to you and whatever you feel they will be most comfortable with, as well as whatever you’re most comfortable with.

What if I don’t like what my MOH is planning for my bachelorette party…? 
TELL HER! Don’t just go about it like everything is fine and you’re excited. You want to have a good time at your bachelorette party, and you should feel comfortable telling your MOH or whomever is planning your party, whether you are comfortable with it or not. I keep repeating myself here, but your party is about you, so you should do things that you will enjoy!

Can I have my bachelorette party the same night my fiancé is having his bachelor party? 
Absolutely! If it’s your goal to meet up with them at the end of the night, then go right ahead! If you want to keep it “tradition” and not see your fiancé the night of your bachelorette party, then you don’t have to host them on the same night. It’s whatever you want to happen.

I reealllyyyy don’t want a crazy bachelorette party like you see in the movies. Is that okay?
That is 100% okay. This is the last time I’m saying this, but your bachelorette party should be what you want! You don’t have to hold your bachelorette party to whatever standards you see in movies. If the crazy bar scene isn’t your thing, that’s fine! Give your party planner ideas as to what you think would be an incredible bachelorette party and have her go from there.


These were some of the most burning questions I’ve seen when it comes to planning your bachelorette party. Remember what I said (how could you forget?) that your bachelorette party is about YOU! It should be what you want to do! Don’t be afraid to tell your party planner if you want to change things up or do different activities. This is supposed to be a night you’ll never forget.