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The start of a new decade means new wedding fashion, color palettes, eccentric photoshoots, and innovative décor. It’s an exciting time to be a bride and groom as the wedding season is ready to kick off. Let’s take a look at the fresh new trends of the roaring 2020s. 


Wedding Themes and Venues:

Wanderlust: This theme is ever-changing based on a couple’s preference. The theme emphasizes simplicity and adventure rather than glamor. 

Roaring 20’s: Who doesn’t love excitement, ambition, and needless excuse to party that the roaring 20’s brought to America? You can relive the 1920’s with the same style, fashion, and jazz music into your wedding. 

Barns: This is a popular venue for Midwesterners. A serene countryside paired with cowboy boots and hats makes for an enjoyable afternoon wedding. 


Garden: Many brides choose this tranquil environment as the perfect wedding venue. Whether it’s under a vine archway, orange grove or vineyard, it emulates a fairytale.

Wedding Decor: 

Floral: Floral is always a must-have for amwedding. This year’s trend focuses on vibrant floral backdrops, stunning centerpieces, hair clips, and boutonnieres. One 2020 trend shows couples are skipping classic flowers and opting to use succulents as part of their décor instead.



Balloons:  Balloons are a creative and fun element to add to any wedding ceremony. Whether they are built into an archway, floating above the dessert table, or used with signs for guests.  

Neon: Looking for new up-and-coming trend to add to your reception? Neon signs are a fresh and avant-garde idea that has thousands of possibilities. 

Antique Furniture Outdoors: Bring the velvet and chic furniture outdoors for some funny photoshoots. Plus your guests can lounge around and enjoy the outdoors during the reception.



Color of the year: Pantone announced that the 2020 color of the year is Classic Blue. This color represents tranquility, confidence, and building foundations which are all to come in the new year. So, we will see several wedding invitations, décor, and floral pieces incorporating this color choice in 2020. 

Lilac: Lilac similar to lavender is a desirable color for many bouquets and bridesmaids’ dresses. This color represents grace and harmony which is the epitome of what every couple wants for their wedding day. 


Green Earth Tones: This neutral color palette is soft and romantic, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. The color green is a powerful depiction of nature and longevity. It is a color palette that would work with any floral arrangement. 


Yellow Tones: This yellow palette is joyful and yet subtle. It represents the color of flowers, summertime, and happiness. These colors together make for an elegant wedding affair. 


Gray: Gray is formal and sophisticated, blazers and ties come in the color gray. Gray is a versatile color to add to any wedding color palette, simply because it goes with almost anything.