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I’m pretty sure as much as we don’t want it to, budget plays a HUGE role in your wedding day. You may have a strict budget, or maybe you have a loose budget, whatever it is, I’m pretty sure we’d all be happier if we were able to slash some prices when it comes to wedding costs.
Which is where I’m here to help! Today I’ll be going over 10 tips for having an inexpensive wedding.

#1. Bridal Fairs
Bridal Fairs are the place to go for all the deals! You can find incredible deals on just about everything you’re looking for. Whether it’s a DJ or Photographer, wedding bands, or even your dress, almost every vendor at the fair will have a discount going on, and it’s a great way to meet the faces of the company, and see if you connect well with them on a personal level rather than just via the internet.

#2. Discount Bridal Stores
There are so many bridal shops out there that have sales going on all the time. There’s also many discounted bridal stores in which you can find incredible deals too.
There’s also the option of renting your dress; whether it’s your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, even flower girl dresses, you can save a good amount of money by renting instead of buying.

#3. DIY Invitations
I only say this if you’re REALLY crafty. Making wedding invitations can be tedious, overwhelming, and even difficult. There are tools out there like Shutterfly and VistaPrint that still offer great quality at a cheaper price.

#4. Use Who You Know
Is your uncle an officiant? Is your sister-in-law a wedding coordinator? Maybe you have a sibling who recently got married and they have some wedding decor lying around. It doesn’t hurt to ask around in the family and see how much help you can get at a cheaper price.

#5. Do Your Own Hair & Makeup
Are any of your bridesmaids good at doing hair and/or makeup? Hire them to help get everyone ready the day of your wedding; or if you find yourself to be good at hair and makeup, do your own! This will save you so much money and make your bridesmaids feel better by knowing they’re helping you out too.

#6. Don’t Hire a Caterer 
I keep hearing that catering food is typically the most expensive part of your wedding. Depending on the number of guests, each plate can come out to be close to $60 a person. That’s crazy!
Instead of hiring a caterer, reach out to a local restaurant, or even food trucks! Ask them how much it would be to cater to X amount of people.
PRO TIP: Don’t tell them it’s for a wedding… When catering companies hear wedding, that means money, money, money!

#7. Limit the Guest List
If you have a strict budget, you don’t have to invite those you haven’t spoke to in years, you don’t have to invite your distant uncle and his third wife. Limit the guest list, it will make your total cost a lot cheaper!

#8. Think Outside of the Box for Venues
It’s going to cost a lot more to get married in a downtown city, like Minneapolis. However, if that’s what you really want, see if there are any venues that cost a little less! Otherwise, think outside the box. What about a state park? Do you know someone with a pretty secluded backyard? These are great ways to save money, and you’ll still be able to decorate and get the dream wedding you want!

#9. Serve Couple Cocktails 
Instead of an open bar, choose you and your partner’s favorite drinks to offer to your guests. Should they want other drinks, have a cash bar available, but don’t offer an open bar if you’re trying to stick to your budget!

#10. Skip the Favors 
Seriously, I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it. Skip the favors (unless it’s food!) Most of the time, your favors will get left behind, thrown away, or tucked away somewhere completely forgotten about. Don’t waste the money. Instead, provide a late night snack to offer to guests as they’re getting ready to end the night. Trust me, they’ll be much more grateful.

These are 10 tips I have for having an inexpensive wedding! If you know someone planning their wedding, please share this article with them!