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You’ve just spent the last how many months, maybe even years planning for your wedding day! And while that has taken endless time and energy, it’s also been incredibly exciting! The day before your wedding can be just as exciting, if not nerve-wracking, which is why it is so important to have everything in order so the “I’m getting married tomorrow!” thought brings you joy, not stress.
Here are 10 things you should do the day before your wedding to make sure your wedding day is at stress-free as it can be.

  1. Do any final check-ins with your vendors
    Check in with your vendors and make sure that everything is confirmed for your wedding day. Make sure to ask their arrival time so not only are you aware, but your coordinator is also aware and you can finalize timelines to ensure everything will run as smooth as it can on your big day!
  2. Make a list
    It’s so important to make sure that everything is organized for your big day. The last thing you want is to show up at your wedding and have forgotten something super important, like the rings! Make a list to keep track of all the items you need to bring with you and check off each item as you’re packing it into the car. Double check your list just to be safe!
  3. Spend time with friends and family
    You’re not going to get as much time as you’d like to spend with friends and family on your wedding day, so take some time after the rehearsal to relax and spend some quality time with those friends and family.
  4. Eat a healthy meal & drink lots of water
    This is incredibly important; you don’t want to feel sluggish, bloated or gassy on your wedding day, so make sure you are eating foods that will energize you, and give you good amounts of vitamins and protein!
  5. Unplug from social media
    I know you’re so excited for your big day, but unplug from social media; turn your phone on silent, and get in the zone for the next few tips we have ahead. This will ensure that your attention is completely on the final touches that need to be done.
  6. Pack your personal items
    You don’t want to be underprepared for your wedding day. Whether it’s medications, phone charger, money, pack it now and make sure to leave it with someone you can trust, who can get it to the ceremony and reception so you don’t have to worry about it all day and night.
  7. Run through your vows
    This is probably the most important thing to remember! You’re going to be nervous on your wedding day, so run through your vows a couple of times. Reading them out loud will give you more confidence when it comes to saying them on the big day, and will also help make sure everything sounds right.
  8. Get romantic
    Do you plan on giving your soon-to-be-spouse a gift or letter before the wedding? If so, make sure it’s done or finish it at this time.
  9. Have a sweet spa session
    Wind down after finishing this entire list by putting on a face mask, get a mani-pedi, exfoliate, and lather up with lotion! I strongly recommend not trying new products the night before your wedding, in case your skin doesn’t agree with the ingredients – stick to what you know your skin enjoys!
  10. Get some beauty sleep!
    Last but not least, get some beauty sleep in! You have a big day ahead of you, you don’t want to feel tired or sluggish. Wind down early, and get a good night’s sleep so you can enjoy your big day.

I hope these tips give you ease of mind and help alleviate some stress the night before your wedding day! Please share it with anyone you know who is getting married soon, and if you have any tips to remember the night before your wedding, comment them below!