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I know you all want to have an amazingly beautiful wedding, want all of your guests to have the best time ever, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing so. Am I right? I know I’m right.

Today I’m here to let you know about 10 different items that you really don’t need to spend time or money on.

Now, these things are TOTALLY acceptable to have at your wedding, should you choose to, but if you’re trying to save money or keep up with the trends, then you might want to take these into consideration.


Menu cards
If you’re having a plated meal, your guests will have already chosen their meal when RSVPing, and if you’re having a buffet, you can easily announce the meal on your wedding website, on your RSVP, or announce it right before the meal starts.

Designer shoes
Two things; 1. I’ve bought designer shoes before, they’re not the most comfortable shoes on the market, especially if you’re not breaking them in before your wedding day, and 2. Your dress covers your feet, therefore, is anyone really going to see your shoes? Skip the designer shoes, save the money.


An expensive cake
I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these donut walls that are becoming more and more popular (insert images??). Think about it, unless your wedding cake, is the same cake you’re passing out to your guests, ixnay it. Or get a smaller one. If you’re going for an extravagant, three tiered cake only to hand your guests pieces of sheet cake, your wedding cake is not going to taste as good 1 year later, nor are you going to eat all of it!

Unless it’s something you can eat, most guests won’t care about the favors you just spent tons of money on. Most of them end up in the trash, or stored somewhere to never be used again.

Unnecessary decor
Think about the last wedding you were at; do you remember what the tables looked like? Were there any linens on the tables? What about the chairs; did they have any covers on them? I have no idea, because as a wedding guest, that’s not what I cared about. Your guests will primarily remember 2 things; the food and the music. I’m not going to lie. From the last wedding I went to, the  food and the dancing are ALL I remember. Don’t spend the money on all these unnecessary items your guests won’t remember; if your venue can offer you nice looking chairs and tables, that’s all you need!

Unnecessary flowers
What happens to all the flowers after your wedding day? You’re not preserving all of them. If anything, you’re preserving your bouquet, meaning the rest are getting thrown away. Consider having fake flowers at your wedding; a lot of people won’t be able to tell the difference, nor will they really care.


Ceremony Programs
Along with menus, these often get thrown away or left behind after the ceremony. And, most people know the timeline of a ceremony. If you’re still adamant on having some sort of program; DIY it! Write it on a chalkboard! This will be much cheaper.


There are MANY ways you can invite/announce a wedding. Most people like to send out Save the Dates, along with RSVP’s AND invitations. Let’s be real, that’s a lot of money. And that doesn’t include the postage to send them out.
There are many ways you can save; DIY them, find a family or friend to make them for you, use e-vites, or even create your invitations in post card size to help save on postage.

Complicated wedding games
Okay, let’s have a chat. Wedding games are… well, wedding games. Sometimes they can be fun, sometimes they can be awkward. Most of your guests are going to stick by the people they came to the wedding with, the people they know best. And sometimes, wedding games can be like ice breakers on the first day of school; uncomfortable and you have to talk to people you don’t really know, maybe that’s just the Millennial in me speaking…
Anyways! Don’t spend the money on wedding games. Do something simple and FREE like Bingo, or Guess Who?, or even MadLibs! You can find printables all over Google, or make them yourself!

Bridesmaids Dresses
This tip isn’t really related to wedding specific items, but instead of purchasing or having your bridesmaids purchase dresses for $200 plus, send them to a department store and let them pick out their own dress! Give them your color and material preference and let them pick out their favorite. This will save them money and you know they will all feel comfortable in the dress they picked out.

There you have it;10 items you don’t REALLY need at your wedding if you’re trying to stick to your budget, or save money.
I’m not saying this because I want you to have a “cheap” wedding, I’m saying this as someone who has been to a couple weddings in my lifetime, and who works in the wedding industry, and who is trying to help a couple out.