Wedding Coordination FAQ's

What does a coordinator do?

Your coordinator will be the person to help direct the flow of the wedding all day so you can focus on what is important… The wedding! After all it’s never fun to have to leave guests and your spouse to go let four different vendors know that you have to move the speeches/toasts back ten minutes because your best friend ran outside for a family photo. Your coordinator will be there for the rehearsal as well as your wedding day to help guide you and your family through whatever happens to make sure you have an incredible wedding!


When would we finalize the timeline?

    Typically 3-6 weeks out from the day of the wedding is optimal.


When would the coordinator arrive to help set up?

    This could be different for each couple, but it would likely happen 4-7 hours before the ceremony starts. This way things can be addressed and still leave your coordinator available once the bridal party arrives.


What is the emergency kit?

    This is a kit specially designed to cover a lot of ‘What Ifs’ on the wedding day. It includes things like hairspray, breath mints, hygiene products, spare ceremony candles, etc.


What does the advisory role during planning consist of?

    The Day Of Coordination cannot replace a full service wedding planner, nor was it meant to; this is an option for couples that are okay planning most of the wedding details (such as which photographer to hire, or which venue to use) but are looking for a little advice along the way. Your coordinator will be available to answer questions you might have and can serve as an experienced viewpoint in the planning process.


How necessary is a coordinator?

    Some couples will never need one, and some venues require one. It all depends on the experience you are looking to have. If you are intimately familiar with how a wedding progresses and all the pieces involved you might not need one. Day of coordination is meant for everyone else looking to not have to deal with all the small details, and instead enjoy the event knowing that it’s in good hands.


What does it mean to be the point of contact?

    Your coordinator will be reachable to your photographer, videographer, etc the day of to facilitate questions, bookkeeping, and timeline assistance. This means your coordinator would be called first if the florist took a wrong turn and was looking for the venue, as well as passing on any day-of payments or tips to vendors. They will also be available during the wedding day to keep things on schedule.