Video FAQ's
How do your videographers work with the photographer(s)?
-Studio Veil's style of videography leans towards that of a documentary. For the most part, the photographer is the one giving direction throughout the day and we capture the moments as they happen. Occasionally, our videographer will give direction but only if time allows. When working with photographers not from Studio Veil, we always introduce ourselves to the photographer and keep open communication throughout the day to ensure no one's shot is interfered with.

What about tipping?
-As with any service industry, tipping is encouraged but certainly not required. Your wedding vendors are with you all day and help create life-long memories. One industry article explained it this way…"if you tip a server for bringing you a meal, why wouldn't you tip the vendors bringing you the best day of your life…" Some people ask what a normal tip is. There's no right or wrong answer. Some websites state specific amounts while others state percentages. The point isn't the amount but rather the relationship between couple & vendor and that each couple feels like they WANT to show gratitude in that way by the end of the day.

How do you edit the ceremony and other portions of the day?
-The ceremony is always included in its entirety. We use 2-3 camera angles depending on the package and we edit between the angles throughout the ceremony to give the best shot possible and keep it a dynamic video. For footage before & after the ceremony as well as the highlight video, clips are spliced together and put to music. We also put together all the highlights of the reception and dance so you can see the grand march, toasts, first dances, etc.

Can we make copies of the DVDs?
-All videos produced by Studio Veil are copyrighted works and may not be copied. Additional copies may be purchased from Studio Veil.

How does the digital copy work?
-Digital copy files will be made available via download. A link to the download will be emailed to you. The files will be mp4 format and may be placed on computers, phones, tablets, etc. These files may be shared with friends & family members as well.

How is music selected for sections of the video where music is needed?
-Due to the recent crackdown by the music industry on wedding professionals, Studio Veil must purchase royalty free music to be used on wedding videos. We carefully select songs from our library to be coupled with the right portion of your wedding video. If couples prefer to pick mainstream songs, they may do so at $40 / song and there are usually 6-7 different songs used throughout a wedding video.