Photo Booth FAQ's

How does the setup & teardown work?
-Photo booth attendants arrive 60-90 minutes prior to the booth opening to load in and set up. We recommend that the booth location be near the door to the banquet room or even out in the hallway if space allows. Teardown will begin promptly at the conclusion of the rental time. Early setup and late teardown is billed at $40/hr if needed

What are the power requirements for the photo booths?
-The venue must have an outlet available that is NOT on a dimmer, has a minimum of 15amp circuit, and is dedicated to just the photo booth.

What about tipping?
-As with any service industry, tipping is encouraged but certainly not required. Your wedding vendors are with you all day and help create life-long memories. One industry article explained it this way…"if you tip a server for bringing you a meal, why wouldn't you tip the vendors bringing you the best day of your life…" Some people ask what a normal tip is. There's no right or wrong answer. Some websites state specific amounts while others state percentages. The point isn't the amount but rather the relationship between couple & vendor and that each couple feels like they WANT to show gratitude in that way by the end of the day.

Are there size requirements for the MegaPOD?
-As a bare minimum, a 12x12 ft area is required. Open spaces are highly preferred however so there's room for props, guestbooks, and guests as they wait for the booth.

What types of props do you provide?
-Props are always included with photo booth rentals. We bring glasses, mustaches, tiaras, boas, and other great props. We do not provide hats for hygiene reasons. Couples are welcome to provide props of their own to add to our offerings if they'd like.

How do we customize the photo strip?
-The photo booths take 4 photos. On the strip that goes to the guests, you may have one of the photo locations have a message rather than the picture…(i.e.: Matt & Sarah September 3rd, 2013).