DIY Wine Bottle Label
February 13, 2017
DIY Wine Bottle Label

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have 3 perfect gift ideas. All of them are DIY to add that extra touch of special. These 3 projects could also be used for shower gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts or birthday gifts. Yesterday we shared the DIY Wine Glasses.  Project #2 is a DIY Wine Bottle Label.  For this project you are going to need the following…1 bottle of Wine (Make sure the Wine label does not go all the way around the bottle)1 photo printed on cardstock or regular paper*     *(Measure the wine label so you know how big to print your photo)Mod Podge - Matte FinishSponge paint brushScissorsPaper Towel or Wet Wipe (wet work ...

DIY Wine Glasses
February 11, 2017
DIY Wine Bottle Label

It's no surprise that we love DIY projects! We have 3 DIY projects for you, all perfect gifts, just in time for Valentine's Day. This first post is DIY Wine Glasses.  For this project you are going to need the following… 2 Wine Glasses (regular or stemless)1 Sharpie (We used Gold)TapeScissorsWords printed out on paper (we used Mr/Mrs - not more than 1 ½ inches tall) First step is to cut your words so that they fit into your glass. Making sure they are low enough so you lips are not on them while drinking. Once you have them in place, you want to smooth the paper out and tape them in place.  Once you have done this with both glasses you will trace over the ...

DIY Drink Coasters
March 09, 2016
DIY Wine Bottle Label

Are you in need of a unique gift idea? Or maybe just want to use some of your photos in a fun way? We have the perfect solution for you...DIY Drink Coasters! They are easy, frugual and fun!Step 1: Head to your local JoAnn Fabric or Walmart and pick up your supplies.    *Mod Podge- Gloss Finish (small containers available)   *Rust-oleum Painter's Touch- Semi Gloss Clear    *Felt Circles   *Paint Brush (sponge kind)   *Coasters (purchase at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards in the Flooring section)   *Photos- print on a laser printer on regular paper- NOT photo paper   *Paper cutter or scissorsStep 2: Place your coaster ...

DIY Dollar Store Centerpiece
February 19, 2016
DIY Wine Bottle Label

It's no secret that weddings can cost a lot of money. Especially once you start adding in all the extras for decorating and details. Now, unless you just won the Powerball, we are all looking for ways to cut down on costs. There are some things you don't want to cut the cost on like your photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. but there are things you can cut down on by doing DIY projects. Enter the DIY Dollar Store Centerpiece. It looks great but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Holly and I decided to get to work and create a beautiful DIY centerpiece that could be used for both showers, engagement parties, and wedding receptions. The basic centerpiece can even be "dressed up" for a fancier ...

Tips for Outdoor Weddings
December 10, 2015
DIY Wine Bottle Label

You've dreamed about your wedding for years and all you could think about was the perfect outdoor wedding. Achieving the perfect outdoor wedding will take some work, maybe even a little more work than an indoor wedding. Especially if you live in a state like Minnesota. Here in Minnesota we have the regular four seasons...but we also seem to have the EXTREME of those 4 seasons. Rain and more rain, heat and more heat, and of course the dreaded snow and MORE snow! Thanks to our fabulous staff and contractors I have compiled a list of ideas, suggestions and tips on how to make sure your outdoor wedding is any season.  VENUE:When picking a venue make sure to have ...